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IELTS to the Point

IELTS to the Point

IELTS preparation with the best IELTS tutor has been very difficult, especially in big cities of Pakistan like, Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, where you can find a lot of teachers claiming themselves no.1 teacher of IELTS. They pretend to be the one who has all tips and tricks of the IELTS, once people register with them and spend suggested duration with no of offered classes and appear in final IELTS exam — The results are not up to the mark. In fact, below than the expectations.

As the matter of Fact, to get IELTS preparation institutes or a trainer should take assessment test of candidate which is mandatory and in this test his/her Grammar, basic English Understanding and much more to be analyzed .if his level in English is intermediate so he/she can do IELTS preparation in a month or two. If the candidate is below intermediate so trainer should tell him to improve his Basic English Skills and grammar then after he will be able to understand IELTS and perform better and faster to achieve the required results.

For Instance, in the IELTS assessment and orientation class if candidates` current level is over all band 6 so he can improve one band with IELTS preparation to overall band 7 and with much efforts and dedication 1.5 bands maximum to 7.5 but not more than that. This is the reality. How ridiculous it is; many IELTS Trainers guarantee students in first class that you will get band 8 without assessment.

Institutes and IELTS Trainer are just making money. What we do at Sir Shirazi`s Academy is, evaluating candidates on arrival properly, if they are good at English so we proceed their preparation with extensive course material along with tips and tricks. The most important part of IELTS preparation is reviewing mistakes in Reading and Listening tests. Let`s say,  candidate has solved one reading test and he got 30 questions right out of 40 so what is next – Usually IELTS instructors provide answer key to the candidates and say them to check and then after move to next test which is not workable. Firstly, A trainer should advise candidate to review himself/herself, in this way he/she will improve skills to find his errors and get some of the reasons where he made a mistake, still some questions will be required to know the reasons in depth. For the Purpose, A trainer should review those errors individually with the Instructor; this required improving candidates` level and Trainer needs to work harder in this way which usually they do not want.

Let me tell you an interesting thing about IELTS is, for Reading and Listening there is a clerical checking means no expertise required to judge listening and reading level of the candidate but for writing and Speaking Human expertise required. Let`s take an example of writing module first, usually , IETLS trainers give writing assignment to candidates once they are done they show for assessment so most of the IELTS trainers give 7 and plus bands , you know why ? Because candidate will not be asking more questions about writing and grammar. In fact, they do not have the answers too. As the matter of fact, IELTS tutor should be very critic in giving marks and let the candidates know loop wholes and errors and teach them to improve accordingly. For this, A trainer should be really qualified and experienced and having good back ground of English and Grammar   otherwise, candidates have to face the music.

Let`s move to speaking test, in this test, there is a particular format to be followed. Apart from this, English speaking skills are assessed .not the knowledge and information. Most of the Teachers emphasize candidates to practice according to the format. Which is good but should not be emphasize? Actually, IELTS trainers should focus on speaking practice regularly. Why? Because if candidates practices English speaking daily with good vocabulary and grammar for sure he will pick the format but the most important part is speaking regularly. Candidates should be given more opportunities in every class to speak with other fellows one to one or in the group and also teacher should practice one to one with each students to judge their level rather than saying candidate to judge each other.

I hope I have explained IELTS Preparation in a Nut shell