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How to retain quality of your hunting knives?

How to retain quality of your hunting knives?

Have you pondered and thought about this area that how can you retain the quality of your Damascus hunting knives? To keep your knives in well sharp and good condition, maintaining them is an important factor.You should not use any of your knives on stone or glass, steel board or you should not be using your knives on ceramic cutting boards. Using your knife on such surfaces will damage them. The best one cutting board on which you can use your knife is to get a wood board or a rigid one plastic cutting board. Your cutting board has to be cleaned.

Avoid considering brand factor while choosing knives

If you are buying any Damascus steel hunting knife then avoid considering brand factor. Always focus on quality. Look for the good quality knife products and that too at some cheaper rates. You should not let anyone to use your knife. If someone else will use your knife then bluntness in your knife will be affected.

Store your knives in a knife block/ knife roll

You have to store up your knives carefully. Get a knife block for yourself. You can store your knives in a knife roll too. It is a cloth pouch. A storage box can keep your knives in good condition. Do you know how professional and expert chefs keep and store their knives? They wrap up their knives in an old apron, it is true! Do not store your knives in loose form. It is not at all recommended.

Do not use your knives for rest of the household tasks

You should not use your specified knives for rest of the household tasks like that of cutting twine or be it the task of opening packages. You can have a pocket knife or you can keep scissors for these kinds of tasks. Such tasks dull the sharpness of your knife blade.

Avoid washing your knives with the help of a dishwasher

You should not wash your knives with the help of a dishwasher. These powder cleaners are abrasive and they can make your knife to look dull. These cleaners can break down your knife wooden handles. Wash your kitchen knives by hand, dry and then you can put them back right in their knife block immediately.

Wrap your knife blade in some piece of cloth

Whenever you will be carrying any kind of knife then it is a recommended one practice to wrap up your knife blade tightly in a piece of cloth. Carry it in the manner that the handle of your knife should be at your side, its tip should be pointing down, its sharp edge should be facing right behind you.